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                              Planning                       Permits                    Prevention                     Testing                         Labor                          Success

Start to finish project management; from procurement of the supplies necessary for the job until the last truck leaves the site. MJ Consulting will be with you every step of the way.

Planning and Preparation

MJ Consulting will assess the scope of the project, providing an estimate of the overall cost of materials, labor, testing, and permitting as well as a time-frame for the completion of the work.

Permits and Paperwork


Before your project begins, our team will ensure that all required permits have been obtained. We cut through the red tape for you, so your project doesn't slow down and you don't need to worry about overlooking any bureaucratic details.


Potential Problems

With over 15 years of contracting experience, from the biggest commercial overhauls to minor home renovations, the MJ Consulting team has seen a wide variety of unique but never insurmountable problems on-site.


Our assessment of your project is custom tailored to meet all of your requirements.


Testing and Analysis

There is no need to outsource for any of the required testing done for your project. Our indoor air quality experts collect the samples for processing and are ready to act on the results.


Workforce Reliability

MJ Consulting has a powerful network of contractors and laborers to provide your project the best workforce to suit your needs across our entire service area.

Project Success


The goal of every project managed by MJ Consulting is exceeding yours. 

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